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I have been following a thought provoking conversation on Ted’s Blog. I don’t know how to make links, but copy and paste this.

I would like to comment, but I have no authority on this issue. It is something that until now I have almost avoided learning about…
I really have never expressed my opinion on this blog before and am quite unsure as to how I am to go about it.
In any case, God tells us directly that homosexuality is a sin. Despite that, we should not hate homosexuals. This is frustrating. I feel very strongly about “gay ‘marriage’” but don’t know enough to really speak out. I can say one thing, though. Even if “gay ‘marriage’” is legalized, again I know next to nothing about this, it should not be called marriage, because marriage is unity between a man and a woman. But then, calling it something else, that would be just as bad, because it is saying that there is an acceptable alternative to marriage!
I think I need to mull over this and get back to you.


  1. Jessie Said,

    March 18, 2004 @ 8:30 am

    ‘Marriage makes public what is already writen in two people`s hearts.’ I think you`re right that it is unity between a man and a woman. It`s such a confusing topic to me.

  2. Jessie Said,

    March 18, 2004 @ 8:31 am


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