If you want to keep guessing, don’t read this blog.

Ok. So krissy got it right away…actually, no. I had to give her a hint. But she’s good.
It was Faramir!
I will explain the riddle…
I was born the same year as my acquaintance Samwise. That is kind of self-explanatory, don’t you think?
My mother died young; this fact contributed to my fathers demise.
His mother, Finduilas i think, off the top of my head, died at an early age, and so Denethor started to bassically go crazy.
I was a prince.
His dad was the steward…ooops. That means he wasn’t exactly a prince…good one Hannah. Oh, I’ll do better next time.
My only sibling died young also-but his death was not in vain.
Boromir died young too;but he did it to save the hobbits.
My wife had a title similar to the name of the city I lived in.
Eowyn! The White Lady of Rohan. Minas Tirith! The White City.
We met when hope was lost…and at this meeting hope was restored.
Eowyn had lost all hope when she met Faramir, because Aragorn wouldn’t marry her, Theoden was dead, and she was injured. Meeting Faramir gave her hope.

Well, there you have it. I might post one Krissy wrote later, but I need to get her permission first.

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