I never explained the title of the previous entry.

Yesterday I got a bloody nose right after snack that lasted one entire 40 minute period. yikes. It was weird. It just started all of a sudden…and lasted 30-40 minutes! It was bleeding really bad…I ended up sitting on the floor of the girls locker room with a tissue clamped to my nose. Eww.
In any case, I must have lost a lot of blood, because afterwards I had trouble walking up the stairs, I was so weak. It was almost amusing. I went around quoting calvin.
in a certain comic he signs up for baseball at recess, which he regrets, but his dad says it builds charactor and takes him outside to practice. Calvin get’s hit in the nose, and says “All by charagdor id drippig oud by dose!”
All my energy dripped out. oog.

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