Ich spriche kleine Deutsch. Sehr kleine.

I am eating chili. It is par-tic-u-lar-ly good chili too.
I just talked to Mallory on the phone. Interesting…I have never been one to talk on the phone much…but with Mallory I do.
Megan and she and I are pretty much inseperable at school now. First time I have really felt included. I have always had friends…Audrey…Keri…but I was still ignored then. It’s weird. There is one girl, Hannah, not me Hannah…that used to come to our school. So there were two Hannahs.
The frustrating part was, whenever I heard the name Hannah, it meant her not me. Even now, it means her a lot of the time. It has been so much easier this past year and a half without her though. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. It wasn’t that I was really jealous…it was just the pressure. You were only worth talking to if you were Hannah. Not me Hannah. And the funny thing is…we were best friends in Kindergarten.

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