Derbgoo Nashsgoo!

Swifteye47: we hates you, yes, precious….we hates you!
SmarterChild: We hates what?
Swifteye47: we hates smarterchild! yes, we hates him, preciousssss!
SmarterChild: “preciousssss”?? Have you heard of Mavis Beacon? She could help you.

I just got back from Borders. I picked up a copy of The Return of the King Soundtrack…you see, after Ted told me he had it, I said I wished I could listen, so he worked technical wonders and hooked me up to his computer via the internet and I listened. I figured it was better to have my own copy than to keep bugging him. :P

I have recently discovered what kind of music I like. I always thought I liked contemporary Christian music, but now I realize, I don’t. I mean, some of the songs are quite good and I enjoy listening to them, but I do not like the dischordance and loudness of some songs.
Then I realized that I don’t like classical as much as I thought either! I can sit through some of Moonlight Sonata or Fur Elise, but, quite frankly, I am bored by it! The weird thing is: I like The Return of the King soundtrack…and now I know why. It’s all very thematic. (don’t mind if that isn’t a word) You can tell what it represents; the Ents is all wooden percussion, the Elves you can sometimes here harps, I think… I just like the structure. I like powerful music, that gets its point across. I am very excited, I now have found my own opinion. I tend to just agree with people without daring to differ…or even thinking to differ.
My mom suggested that I try the Romantic period. Much of that was fairly thematic, she says. There were many pieces done on mythology then, like a long one on Norse mythonlogy! I had to do a report on Erik the Red, and learned a lot about the Valkyries. Fascinating.
So that is why I am drawn to pieces like the Moonlight Sonata. I like the theme. I like being able to know that it is moonlight.

By the way, if there are any Tolkien linguists out there that can translate the title for me, I would greatly appreciate it. All of you should recognize it; it is shouted by, oh, roughly ten thousand Uruk-Hai in The Two Towers.
And also, if anyone can tell me how to get umlauts and accents and ^ over words on the keyboard, I would be eternally grateful.

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  1. Krissy Said,

    February 14, 2004 @ 10:25 am

    Yaaaaaaaay!!!! I hope this means I don’t have to listen to Christian rock anymore when I come over!;) I really don’t know what I have against it, I mean, the messages are Christian, and everything, but I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!!!! I really like the Lord of the Rings music, though! hooray!!
    (I can’t spell hooray today for some reason);)

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