The Road Goes Ever On and On…

My mom has two copies of a book by Donald Swann. The Road Goes Ever On: A Song Cycle. This book is filled with tunes for Tolkien’s songs, from
The Lord of the Rings trilogy. My mom has been waiting twenty years to find someone that loves these songs like her, and now she has…ME!
Actually, Donald Swann wrote the tunes, and then Tolkien approved them, even gave a few suggestions.
Right now, I am learning to play a song that Treebeard sings. With it’s low octaves, it’s incredibly Entish. I took it to church to show some people, and then the pastor came over, and he and a few others made me play the Ent song as far as I could, and then Mom had me sing some of “I Sit Beside the Fire.”
Our grand piano at church has a wonderful deep resonance, and it was perfect for “In the Willow-meads of Tasarinan,” which Treebeard sings in The Two Towers.
These aren’t peiced from the movie, mind you. I wish they had used these in the movie, they are beautiful. One of my favorites is “In Western Lands.” In The Return of the King, Sam is alone and filled with despair, and he sings this to himself. It is the only thing that keeps him from giving up, thinking of the Shire, and singing…
Here is a link to a site that should show you what the book looks like. The music shown is “Errantry” and I think Tom Bombadil sings it.
“Namarie” or farewell, is all in Elvish. I don’t know the tune, but I have the first two lines memorized. Wish I could get accents and umlauts.
“Ai! Laurie lantar lassi surinen
Yeni unotime ve ramar aldaron!”

It’s a bit like a gregorian chant.

I am having a family birthday party today. I guess I am going to be fourteen. Seems…well, I guess it’s just weird. I think I said earlier that I always used to ask my dad impossible questions, and he would say, “I will tell you when you are older.” Well, I always thought that a big kid was either nine or fourteen, not at all sure why, but I did. Apparently it wasn’t nine, so this year I am officially older. It’s kind of sad.
I must be though. I have grown about eight inches since fifth grade. I was 4′5″ then, now I am 5″1′.
I feel tall.

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