Frustration. :P

I may not blog much for a while, because Ted has to have his iBook plugged in for me to blog. And he won’t all the time. Soooo, anyway.
Not much has happened. The school europe group is gong to GREECE AND ROME AND ITALY and if there is anywhere I ver want to go it’s there, and i can’t. No way I can raise 1600 dollars on my own by january twentieth. I want to go sooooo terribly. My favorite subject ever is Ancient history- and that is where it all took place! *sob* If I could raise the money, mom wouldn’t let me go, which is perfectly understandable, I have never been on a plane or anything, and she would only let me go if she could go too. *sniff*
I am mad.
OK, that’s better.
Well, I am talking to Mal, and need to coninue, and read blogs, and wait…I am supposed to be in bed. Oh well, that’s only by my standards.
The Redwall Feast is coming along great! :D
” Oh for the open road,
No dullards life for me!
The world is my abode,
performing endlessly.
I’m free, I’m free, companions we,
Travel the highways happily,
Performing deeds of derring-do,
And plays of heroes good and true.
Tumbling singing in merry attire,
Pray tell me sir, what is your desire?
Come fiddle dum diddle dum derry down dey,
A harum scarum hoopala hey,
Come one, come all this day to see,
The Wandering Noonvale Company!

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  1. Ted Said,

    September 17, 2003 @ 12:05 pm

    Going to Europe is something I want to do someday too. In fact, I want to go a lot of places. :-P

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