I am running out of titles. Argh.

Well, it’s been a while. I don’t want to catch up, so I wont. Except, I butchered the audition. I think God has been trying to tell me to look before I leap, not to do too many things on the spur of the moment. My practices, if I had gotten in, would have been five days a week from 4-7:30, and then I would have homework! Almost impossible, with my mom’s teaching schedule (piano) and my school and all. Oh well, I should have thought a little more.
Well, ted is now back at RIT, meaning college.
My great friend mallory is a born encourager. She seems to thrive on encouraging people. Especially me. She is so kind…
She made me a “Pick-me-up”, commonly refered to as a “pick-hannah-up”. It was two boxes made completely of popsicle sticks and decorated. One was decorated with a little wood mouse, and had lots of little papers in it. They have encouraging Bible verses and little bits of advice from the completely ignorant mallory (according to herself). Then she put a skor bar (which I love!) in the other box and gave it to my mom as a suprise for me. She picked the right day, that was the day I ruined my audition.
Here is my encouragram for the day:
“Never give up.
No matter what ANYone says or does,
God loves you so don’t give up.
He is your goal.”
Thanks mal! :)
I am going to go to bed…long day today, another tomorrow.
ooh, talking to caleb, cousin, ted’s brother, and I never get to. I really want that kitty. argh.

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  1. Ted Said,

    September 11, 2003 @ 9:16 am

    Friends like that are the best!

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