Blobbing. *giggle*

Today was busy, but really fun. We went to church as usual, and I had nursery, so I missed the service, but mom was doing jr. church in the nursery, so she did too. Well, I had the wonderful David, just about my favorite toddler right now, and some visiting people. The man was a youth pastor, and had two little kids. Karyn(it is pronounced ka-ryn’, accent on the last syllable, don’t know how to spell it) was two and a little hard to handle, but sweet. Her brother just hung out with the older kids, even though he was four. After church, we went home to rest and then to the Reeves, a couple from our church. They have a beautiful lakeside home that used to be their summer home, but they remodeled and it is now their home year-round. Kendra, our pastor’s daughter, and eric, the son, along with Matt, another couple’s son, swam with Than and I. Soooo much fun! *grins* They had a water trampoline(the blob), which I had never tried before, and we would jump around and into the water. Then we went on their party boat, and saw the bald eagle that lives there. It was huge, and beautiful. We ate, and then Kendra and I went in to Kayak again, and I got this idea of tying my boat to the trampoline, jumping, and getting back in. It was crazy, but I managed to do it without getting wet. :P Well, now we are home.
Than has bad exema on his face! That means he is breaking out in incredibly itchy spots, poor kid. :( I hate his exema. It is really hard to have itches all over you, especially on your face. :(
Well, good night! Tomorrow no school, for Labor day! Yes! We are going to climb Pleasant Mountain, possibly with the Pearson kids.

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