At least the sun is out

[insert unintelligible frustrated noise of your choice here]
What a day. And it hasn’t even started! It’s only eight fifteen.
Let’s see, why am I grumpy…because I need two pairs of tights and don’t know where to get them, because my rib still hurts from all that coughing two weeks ago (honest…I know I don’t take pain well, but this is really bothering me! It feels like I sprained it. But I reckon you can’t sprain a rib), because one of my best friends’ gone and got a boyfriend and hasn’t talked to me yet [not mad love, just going mad], because I’m a funny-looking, specky git, and because it snowed yesterday.
I’m just a bucket of sunshine and roses, eh?

Blargh. On to more cheerful matters. I’ve set myself a more involved daily schedule now- well, not strictly a schedule because I’m so non-linear, but a list of things to get done each day. Yesterday I got up, did the dishes and cleared the table, practiced the piano, did some of Grampa’s study, mended two pairs of pants and a shirt, and made pierogies for dinner because Jordan wanted me to. Oh yes, Jordan’s living with us for a week. To my surprise it’s proving to be really fun. I thought having essentially two Thans in the house would turn me into mush, but we’ve been indoctrinating Jordan in Doctor Who and that’s entertaining.

So, for today, let’s see. What do I need to do. I fink…first I should do the dishes and sweep the floor. Then, I should clean my laptop, because I keep putting that off and it’s getting hard to tell the smudges from the pictures on the screen [squints]. After that, there are three categories of things left to work on, and each day I hope I can put some focus on each of them:
For sewing today I think I should fill in the neckline of a shirt that I really like but can’t wear because it’s indecent, then clear off my other bed and start working on a project I owe someone.
For herbology I should reorganize everything and try to find a good place to keep it. I’ve got enough herbs now that there simply isn’t room in my little china cabinet and it’s becoming a problem. I think I need to set up shelves in here or something.
And lastly for school…by school, I mean that though I’m not taking classes at this point, I think it’s important to keep studying. I’m reading a lot of classics and hope to set myself a paper at some point- I’ve read a book about eugenics, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and A Tale of Two Cities so far. Both of which stories I loved, by the way.
So what to read next? I need to study economics soon but I haven’t got a good book yet. I’m thinking I’ll read 1984? I haven’t done that one yet.

All right, to end this long and boring dissertation on what I should do today, I’d better get offline and get dressed. I don’t even know what I should wear today. It’s funny, over the past few months my clothing style has been broadening in ways I never thought it would. It’s making it a lot easier to find clothes now, because I’m not half so picky. Hmm, today feels like a tights and knee skirt day. Whaddaya say? And maybe I’ll wear my hair in two buns again. I hate it when people call me Princess Leia, but the buns are really comfortable and I don’t wear them like hers anyway.
Okay, allons-y, I’m off then!

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  1. mal Said,

    April 2, 2009 @ 6:19 pm

    would that be me? gosh im a terrible person.

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