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Good Sabbath, everyone.

This weekend was interesting. I was planning on spending it at the Libbys, since my brother was to be at a retreat and my parents a marriage conference. But lo and behold, the Libbys in question got sick! Usually they let me visit anyway, but Mrs. Libby all but ordered me to stay away so I wouldn’t catch the flu, which was very nice of her.

However, I was left with an empty house and no plans for the weekend, and I don’t do well with being completely alone for two days. So Friday I went Goodwilling. First I went to Salvation Army, and omigosh, you should’ve seen the things I found! Ironically I didn’t buy anything. But I found first a homemade skirt in this sort of green/maroon shot check, and it was about the coolest thing I’d ever seen. (well, maybe…I just like superlatives)
Then I moved on to the dresses and found a GUNNE! I’m always looking for them at thrift stores and this is the first time I’ve had success. It was a size thirteen, which is really rare. Gunne Sax dresses run small and not a whole lot of bigger sizes were available. I’m a nine (vintage) or an eleven.
It wasn’t the prettiest one I’d ever seen, and I didn’t buy it because I need to conserve money. I’m wondering, however, if I should go back and get it and then resell it online. Gunne sax dresses go for sixty-eighty average on ebay. What do you think? That would be my first step into the world of vintage retail.

Okay, so then I found this incredible (read: incredibly ugly) PURPLE silk dress! It was completely handmade and beaded ALL OVER. Okay, maybe I should go back and buy that one. You know what, I’m actually starting to wonder if I should do this. Do some reselling. Eeep I don’t know! That dress was only eleven dollars.

Lastly I found a beautiful black dress. It had a very simple, very modest black velvet top, and a full, ruffled silk skirt. It was stunning and fitted me like a glove. I didn’t buy that one either, because I don’t have a lot of money to spare right now. But here’s what I’ll do- on Wednesdays, everything is half-off. I’ll go back and see if any of these things are there, and buy whichever are. Then I resell anything good.
Mom’s suggested I open an ebay account with the huge amount of books we have lying around. I really need to start making money somehow, so hey- maybe eBay is a good idea. Especially if I can continue getting my hands on such beautiful vintage stuff! *excited*

So in the end between three thrift stores, I came home with media- two records, a Back to the Future video, and a Rocky and Bullwinkle video. I really like picking up old cassettes at Goodwill. They’re very cheap, and everyone’s donating their good collections now that supposedly VHS is defunct!

After all the goodwilling I dropped off some banana bread and some herbs at the Libbys and went home. The next day the Clukeys kidnapped me, having heard that I was alone. It was really sweet. I was going to leave, but they made me promise to come back for dinner. So I did, and Mary gave me a valentine. I like the Clukeys.

And today is Sunday! I’m hungry. I think I’ll go get some food.

OH! And I got to Skype with Sonja yesterday! That made my DAY!

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  1. Aunt Joni Said,

    February 20, 2009 @ 11:23 am

    I’ll be anxious to hear how the e-bay business goes – I think it could be a great thing, Hannah. – Made for you ;-)

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