Yesterday I said:

I met a lady who has a lot of old Gunnies she needs to find something to do with. Enter me. It was extremely exciting. We’re going to meet and I shall look through them.

Today, Mom and I drove to Lynn’s house. When we got there, she pulled out the ten or so Gunne Sax dresses she had…and I tried them on. Meanwhile, she pulled out more and more and more dresses and blouses and skirts that she thought I might like, getting more and more excited as time went on. She was so friendly and easy to like, and the best part was, she was as excited as I was about the whole business. She was moving and needed to cut down drastically on her closet space, but didn’t want to just give her well-loved dresses to Goodwill. She was so glad to give them to me, to someone who would wear them and love them and use them!
We were there for some time, and she went all through her closets and then her basement, and unbelievably, and I mean that I am still in shock, I came home with a LOT of things.
Over twenty dresses. Six blouses. Sweaters, skirts, three antique petticoats (which I really needed), a fur coat, mink, hats, and more. And to top it all off, she gave me a beautiful steamer trunk, twice the size of my existing trunk, lined in cedar.
This makes such a huge dent in the amount of things I needed for my wardrobe, and so many of these things are really beautiful! Now, some of them are really hilarious, like the red polka dotted frilly skirt and shirt. But this woman was so generous. And she gave it all to me completely free. She didn’t want any money. She kept a list, too, of other things she wanted to show me that she couldn’t find at the time, and has another friend with Gunnies whom she’s going to talk to. So we’re going to stay in touch, schedule another date.
And you know? I did some quick calculating in my head (amazing, I know), and I think that if I had bought these things from dealers, they would’ve cost a few hundred dollars. Maybe several hundred.
I am so overwhelmed and incredibly grateful. Yes, some of my friends have spoken for the things I can’t keep, so Sonja and Krissy, you’re second on the list. We’ll see if there’s anything, I’ll need to go through it again eventually.

Someday I’ll get pictures up. Lynn wants to see them. I am so happy. Two great and surprising things so far this week. And Mrs. Konczal got to touch the Marquis de Montcalm’s face! :D

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