I started blogging five years ago. Interesting. Thanks for the blog, Ted, it’s been nice.

I played with Seth and James this morning. I would venture to say that we played one of our best games yet. Seth and James have seen up until the recent Avatar finale, and so we played Avatar as we often do. James was Aang, and Seth was Zuko, and I was Katara. Oh crumbs, I just realized that I can’t really explain because Krissy hasn’t seen the end yet.
Well, anyway, they quoted a lot from what they had seen, then came up with their own ending since they hadn’t seen it. Basically, we used waterbending and put the comet out. Yay, world saved. :P
Honestly, having these little friends is a great thing for me. I have a legitimate excuse for running around flailing my arms, pretending to move water and earth and such.

I got two Gunne Sax skirts for six dollars recently. I won’t get into it all because it’d take a little while to explain, but basically I was performing at Buxton’s town day and met a lady who has a lot of old Gunnies she needs to find something to do with. Enter me. It was extremely exciting. We’re going to meet and I shall look through them. I got the two long skirts though, which is a real blessing, as I needed about two more long winter skirts! The waists were a little too small, but I cut through the bands, opened up the side seams, and inserted wedges in contrasting colors, and I am happy to say that despite the fact that I had no idea what I was doing, they turned out really well!

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