“I’m from Warsaw”

Well, I’m not really, but I’m listen to Polish funk¬†right now, and someone on the recording said they were. (I’ve never heard funk before. It’s really strange.)

In a few hours, I head to the Konczals. John, my gnome, and I are going to cook Redwall food, and Kayla and Bethany and their mother are joining us, too. We’re going to make Deeper’n'Ever pie (“stan’ on moi tunnel!” say Kayla and Bethany), barley/spring onion soup, scones with meadowcream, and a spring salad. Of course, it’s snowing hard right now, but we’re going to cozy down and enjoy our spring salad anyway.
I’m so glad that these young friends of mine have begun to get excited about Redwall. Krissy and Sonja and I will never outgrow the books, of course, but new enthusiasm is welcome! John is ten and my kindred spirit. Krissy and Sonja are my bosom friends, and John is a kindred spirit. And Kayla and Bethany are like my younger sisters. I like them all exceedingly.

Wednesday, Dad and I packed up a picnic and went to Old Orchard. This is the time of year to go to the beach, because there aren’t any scantily clad French Canadians, like there are during tourist season. We had the beach all to ourself, but for a mother and her children, and a few other beachcombers. The weather was warm anyway, but for some reason the wind coming off the water was warmer than the rest of the air! It was just glorious. I found a baby sea urchin about the size of a button. Then I found another one, slightly bigger, and accidently threw it at Dad’s nose. He reckoned I’d better watch out or the next sea urchin around would be me.

Wow, this Polish funk music really is very strange, but I have to admit I’m rather enjoying it. Listen. ¬†Sonja would like it.

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  1. Sonja Said,

    March 28, 2008 @ 10:17 am

    Its true. I like funk in general, and polish funk is great, too, if the clip I just listened to is a god representation. =D
    The Redwallyness sounds fun!
    Oh, did I tell you? Jess’ Mom let me go through a bunch of clothes she was going to give away, and I found some great stuff! A couple more formal dresses (just what I need, right?) and… A antiquey white dress that I think will work for this summer’s white-dress-walk-on-the-beach! Apearently, its one Jess’ mom wore to prom once upon a time. I’m really excited about it. =D
    P.S. the “spanish word of the day” on Sesame Street is “Hola!” Where you aware?

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