I am at Whitney’s.

The title says it all. ha. Well, we were going to have a big neighborhood sleepover, but I didn’t actually sleep over, but I stayed till eleven and then went home and slept, just up the street. It came up fast, and I was having a sleepover with sonja and krissy tomorrow, so I knew I needed the sleep. I got up at eight thirty and went to eat breafast with Dori, Leah, and Whitney. Her mom made great crepes! Yum. Mom and Than came to breakfast too.
So today, I hope to get a lot of the Redwall Feast planning done. I really hope I can. Sonja and Krissy and I are having a meeting, and have to make phone calls and ask for help and stuff.
Ted is ack from deerwander. If I could figure out how I would link to him!
Well, have to go be somewhat sociable. Bye!

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