So Thoroughly Zonked

Wowzers, I’m tired. (I guess I feel like using all my dorky exclamations right now)
Krissy spent Saturday night at my house. We put in some serious work on our Prince Caspian costumes, and largely thanks to her, I got all of the conceptual work done on mine, finished drafting my bodice, and cut out the lining and the fabric! I’ve pinned the darts into it and I’m going to sew them during church today. (Yes, I sew during church. Many might be opposed to that, but I pay attention infinitely better when I’m doing something with my hands.) We also figured out how to do the skirt. I was planning on having a netting overskirt embroidered with willow leaves and branches, but Krissy and I could NOT figure out how to do it. We cut out a bunch of leaves, and on a whim I just scattered them over the skirt- and it looked perfect! So now I know what I’m doing with that, too.

Bed time came about and with it some unintentional humor:
Krissy: Oh crumbs, there’s a hole in it.
Me: What’s that?
Krissy: It’s a sock. A very warm sock, which is why I’m upset about the hole.
Me: Darn it.
ahahahahahahha! (I can’t even remember which meaning I meant now)
Sonja, that has to go on the next calendar.

Anyway, Krissy departed around noon, and that evening I got all dressed up and Mom and I headed to the Evangelical Free Church for the sock hop that my Tapestry of Grace co-op was putting on for a unit celebration. You know, every other Friday for swing dances, and occasionally for something like this, I get to pick out something pretty to wear, and do up my hair, and put on a little makeup (do not scorn me, o good cousins, thou’rt not girls and thou canst not understand), then go out to a dance or social event. And I think it’s a really good thing. People my age don’t really have opportunities to do that, I guess it’s sort of an old-fashioned idea, and I think it’s been good for me! I enjoy it so much, getting dressed up and going out with Krissy or another friend.

The sock hop was a blast. Nearly everyone dressed up- it’s incredible the difference between schoolers and homeschoolers, honestly. If this had been at school, most would’ve been embarassed to join the kids in their bunny hopping and all that, but with these homeschoolers the teens and the adults joined in without a complaint! Mal came, and Keturah and Mel and I and she danced quite a lot. Keturah and I have discovered that one of the dances from a Gilbert and Sullivan we did last year works really well to swing music and makes us look like we know what we’re doing, so we milked it for all it was worth. :P And I got to do the Shorty George a lot, my favorite move, so I was happy. *beams*

So I’ve had a pretty nice weekend. Back to Hannaford on Monday, but it’s only four hours, and before that I have a nice Palm Sunday to appreciate.
“Come, let’s away! Our island crown awaits me. Conflicting feelings rend my soul apart…the thought of royal dignity elates me, but leaving thee behind me breaks my heart!” ( a bit of G&S-itis to end the post)

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