This Past Week

…my mood has swung back and forth like a pendulum! I kept having sandwich days. Midday would be decent, but morning and afternoon terrible!

Going back a few days, Dad dropped me off at the grange for a swing dance Friday night. I arrived about fifteen minutes before Krissy, and who was there to greet me but Spencer. Spencer is a boy we met several dances ago who was very nice, but slightly overdid kissing our hands and such, and followed us around a bit like a dog. Unfortunately for me he’d brought a friend, and with no Krissy I had them all to myself. However, all this friend seemed to be able to think about was his empty stomach, so they went off to Amatos and Krissy arrived in the interim time.
There was a live band this week and they were very good. There weren’t too many partners, but I had several nice dances and learned some new moves. Swing dancing is a very pleasant way to spend a Friday evening.

Now for today. Mr. Noonan has been teaching a class on reference tools for adult Sunday School (of which my old high school class are part), and I’m finding it very helpful and interesting. I have never been able to keep my mouth shut in a discussion situation, so almost every week I ask questions. There have been several instances in which almost the whole class has been spent on a trail leading from my question. The problem is, whenever I ask a question, the answers people pose only make more questions for me. It’s like factoring in Math, and only slightly less painful.
So today we were talking about…what were we talking about? See, I don’t even remember what came before my question. Oh yes, Philip and the Ethiopian. The Holy Spirit told Philip to go to the chariot in the road, and he obeyed. I posed a question that had been rankling with me for some time. “Jesus seems to commend people who have blind faith. But Satan also gives us feelings and urgings, how are we supposed to tell the difference? We’re told to make sure such feelings correspond with Scripture, but I don’t see people in the Bible sitting down and reading through before obeying.”
That led us off on a whole rabbit trail and resulted in a class that consisted entirely of people trying to answer my questions, with the result of my unhappy dissatisfaction and more and more questions. I stated another problem that had been troubling me lately: just how many contradictions I keep seeing in the Bible. I know I must be misunderstanding, and I want people to prove me wrong, but I haven’t been able to find the answers. For instance. A friendly argument with Luke Theriault the other day (he teased me by saying that having two wives is not morally wrong, but socially unacceptable because many of the patriarchs of the Old Testament had several. I didn’t think that could possibly be right, but couldn’t find a single way to prove him wrong.) resulted in some serious confusion on my part. Luke was right, I couldn’t prove him wrong. So I asked people in Sunday School. They couldn’t prove him wrong either. The general consensus was that it is wrong, but God tolerated it. He definitely says that one man and one woman were created for each other, but where does he condemn the patriarchs who did have more than one wife?
It’s terribly confusing and I was thoroughly frustrated by the end. Kendra said: “But we aren’t under Old Testament law,” to general murmerings of assent, and I replied immediately, “Everyone says that to me, but how do we know? Everyone tells me that Jesus’ coming changed the law and what we must do, but where does the Bible say that, exactly, and how do we know which laws are changed and which we have to follow?” No one could really tell me that.
Sorry, I’m rambling. But one question leads to another and I get really frustrated. Dad and I had quite an intense argument over these details after the class and I had to give up…Mrs. Keenan told me sternly to keep asking questions because she thought perhaps the Lord had given me these questions to help prompt discussion. She’s probably right, but I still don’t enjoy it. Mrs. Barney came and said she was glad I was asking all these questions, and I got a bit teary, but she said she’d always had questions too, so that was encouraging.
After leading singing, however, I was too tensed up to stay in church, so I went for a long walk. I wanted to find a place where I knew I could relax, so I went to the Tate House. It was built in the 1600s. I walked all around and met some new trees.

Mom and I went to the Third Maine sewing circle. There were about five ladies there, and we had a great time looking at dresses and talking about an upcoming gala/dance. Someone may lend me a ballgown! *beams*

Well. With that confunding puddle of a post, I’m going to go get some supper.

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  1. Krissy Said,

    March 10, 2008 @ 9:04 pm

    Yeah, that dance was rather…odd. I think it would probably be better if we brought a couple more people, especially a couple guys, so that it’s not such a tet-a-tet (at least if Spencer brings his friend again – 2 guys and 2 girls can get awkward if you let it…=P) ‘Twas fun to see you, though.

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