Working All Day

It’s snowing rather hard and in an hour I’m off to Hannaford…I hate saying ‘I have to go to work’ for some reason. It makes everything much more..dull. Work shouldn’t have to be dull.

I am spending eight hours at Hannaford today, however, so a big lunch is in the works and I’m trying to strategically place interesting things in my mind palace (Yay National Geographic. :P ) so that I can think about them while I’m bagging today. I think I’ll practice some Mabel/Frederic scenes in my head and under my breath, see if I can make up some blocking, because it looks like Matt and I will be performing them at a choral festival thingy in April, which is a month before the show.

And maybe I’ll memorize some Scripture. (Almost said Scribner.) I’ve almost finished my little black Spencer jacket by the way, and I’m so pleased with it! I can’t wait to get pictures taken. I’ll take it with me and finish the hem and cuffs while I’m having my breaks.

Have a nice day, everyone!


  1. Aunt Joni Said,

    March 6, 2008 @ 4:14 pm

    How’s are favorite “Bag Lady” doing? ;-)

  2. Krissy Said,

    March 6, 2008 @ 9:06 pm

    Teehee, I went into a Hannaford the other day and automatically started watching out for you, then I realized that that Hannaford isn’t the one you’re working at. =) Sometime I’m going to deliberately go when you’re on duty. =)

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