There was a dance last night! Matt and Than were going to go with Krissy and I, but Matt was MCing a talent show at his church and thought he’d be too tired, and Than wouldn’t go without Matt.
But as things turned out, Matt picked me up in time for his talent show, and I sat with Kayla and Bethany’s family. It was great fun! Kayla and Bethany played three very nice duets on their violins…I’m awfully proud of them. There were poems recited, which I enjoyed because hardly anyone recites poems anymore (I memorize them but have no where to recite them!)
Matt and Luke topped it off with a really hilarious act. They turned off all the lights and switched on a fog machine and strobe light, then put on “The Final Countdown” and pantomimed the entire song wearing huge eighties wigs and clothes with little plastic guitars. It was very funny indeed.

After that, Dad took me over to the dance. I made the skirt for my dryad costume yesterday, and it just happened to be a really nice circle, so I wore that and got several compliments. *beams* Krissy and her mum were late, and I was alone for the first time- but I was asked to dance four times before they showed up. By the end of the evening I’d had twelve good dances and several super fun ones with Krissy (my favorite dance partner aside from Than). I also did the full Shim Sham for the first time, it felt like a great moment in my life. :P
My favorite partner was a young man named Alex, who I later learned had only been dancing for two or three years, but was really good! We had conversation all the way through as I bemoaned my dancing and he tried to get me to have a bit of confidence and have fun. I asked where he was from, and he said Ukraine. Rather fun. “You are thinkink too hard! You cannot try to anticipate, just follow!”

Then I went home and slept like a rock until seven thirty. It was a great evening. :D

Since my last post, I’ve also turned eighteen..a rather daunting number, but I got through it all right. Wotcher.


  1. Ted Said,

    February 16, 2008 @ 3:01 pm

    Oh god the Shim Sham – I think i *almost* had it down last time i tried it at RIT. There was still maybe one section I was getting lost on, I think…

  2. Sonja!! Said,

    February 16, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

    Hahaha! I know Alex! He is hillarious. =D
    I can’t wait to see your dryad costume. Krissy and I had a conversations about Narnia costumes the other day, and it seems the two of you are worried for my modesty. Probably rightly so. *grin* If I end up making my own myanad costume, I promise you guys can censor it and make any alterations you like before I wear it in public.

  3. Krissy Said,

    February 18, 2008 @ 6:40 pm

    Hannah – we have to get together again sometime this week. One – because you’re great, and two – because I need someone else’s advice on my naiad costume – I tried explaining it to Sonja the other day over the phone and it helped, but she can’t SEE what I’m trying to describe! =)
    And *announcement* Hannah is now officially better at the Shim Sham than I am. =D Congrats!

  4. Hannah Said,

    February 19, 2008 @ 9:34 am

    Son, you’re so funny. I’m sure we won’t have to censor you too much. :P
    Krissy, I’m not sure when we can get together, this week is filling up and I unlike the rest of the world have school..>.

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