Exceptionally Nervous

No rehearsal today because everyone was at baseball games and track meets, so I cleaned my room for Ala. Mom and I also dropped in to visit the Koncals. They’re going to try to come Saturday night. When we walked in, I noticed a beautiful old Singer sewing machine on the floor and commented on it. Mrs. K’s response: “You want it?” Do I ever! She’d apparently picked up a bunch of machines for a dollar each at a yard sale, and freely gave me the one I’d noticed! I’m happy. It doesn’t work and needs to be fixed, but that’ll cost less than buying a new or used one, and I really think the older metal machines are better than our modern plastic ones. The model is patented for 1903, and I think it was made in 1949.

In other news, I’m really nervous. There are a million people coming to see us on Saturday, and I’m afraid I’ll forget the words to my first song like I did during dress rehearsal. Oh well. Anyone who wants to take pictures is welcome to (riight) because none of our cameras are working.


  1. Aunt Joni Said,

    May 11, 2007 @ 8:36 am

    Hmmm, does that make me “one in a million”? ;-)

  2. Ted Said,

    May 12, 2007 @ 3:12 am

    Eh, go ahead and forget the words. We’re there to see you whether you mess up or not. ;)

  3. Aunt Joni Said,

    May 14, 2007 @ 4:42 pm

    Hannah, what a great show! Well done! We had so much fun. I sure wish I could sing like that – cold and all. Love, Aunt Joni

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