Quick update, we might lose cable again-

A lot of things happened very fast yesterday. I wrote an update at around noon only to find that we’d lost cable. We kept power until two or so. It got a little chilly, but we managed. We went down to visit our neighbors, and found them ignoring the fact that the river was fast approaching their house. In the hour and a half I was there it must have risen a foot. I’ve posted about the river rising before, but not since the flood had I seen anything like this.
We went up and I made tea on my little pepsi stove. Dad and I rigged up a grill for it so I wouldn’t have to hold the pan. We all went to rest for a little while, but I found myself pretty anxious. Really- a long time ago I climbed a tree to a branch about adult head height and fell out into the river. (Which was annoying.) The river was touching that branch. *Shivers*
At about three we got a call from Sharon and Dori. They’d been ordered to evacuate. Than was at Uncle Dan’s helping out in their basement, which was full of two and a half feet of water (and rising.) All the neighbors turned out to help D and S- we stripped their little house clean and carried everything up to our house, Gram Jet’s, and the Randalls’ across the street. They were obviously a little dazed. It was quite an operation…Dori, Than and I spent a good two thirds of the time we worked running full speed up and down the hill in the rain, carrying things like keyboards, backpacks of food, Dori’s Harry Potter books (she was thinking of leaving them, but I said no way!), and Dori’s cat, Sunshine. Needless to say, by the end I was drenched, worried, and exhausted.
We left them to watch the river a while longer, and I took over at home. I really enjoy the challenge of making something out of nothing, so I had fun, despite the stress. Dad and I ran out to the store to buy a camera, a somke detector, batteries, and a little rescue-chocolate. Part of an adjoining street was blocked off. We went down past the mill at the other end of the street, and were shocked by the huge volume of slow traffic. When we reached the bridge (which is directly next to a mill which uses water and therefore causes a waterfall) we were even more shocked to discover water pouring out of the building and into the street. No joke, it looked like the river was backed into the mill and running out from under all the doors. The waterfall was more powerful than I can remember seeing it. We found a store with power and got what we needed, then headed home, snapping pictures along the way. We stopped down the street from our house to get more photographs of the high water.
When we got home, I lit my stove and began heating some frozen vegetables, then used Than’s ingenious candle system to take a shower. We had just enough hot water left over for three five minute showers. Lights were out and the window is blocked, so we used tapers and tea lights for light and left the door open so we wouldn’t die of smoke inhalation.
I managed to get dinner together after organizing the kitchen, making rules about the fridge, and assigning one color cup to everyone. We had hot vegetables, cold sliced roast from last meal, and buttered bread, followed by rapidly melting ice cream and fruit cobbler. (We had to use some food up. ;) )
Then Sharon and Dori called. They were coming up. Power returned at eight. The river hadn’t yet reached their house, but city hall had said that high tide was at 11, so they should stay somewhere else. They stayed with us overnight and left a half hour ago to check their house. They said they’d be back only if it was underwater, and as we haven’t seen them yet, I am guessing that their house is okay.

Whew. The last time this happened, I was six. I don’t really remember it that well, I only remember being very excited by all the water and all the people. This one was a lot less fun and a little less destructive…so far.

Thank you for the prayers. We are hoping to get out today, but we aren’t sure how well that can be managed as some bridges seem to be closed. Than has a friend who lives on Wells beach, and we suspect they had to evacuate. I think many of our other friends are without power, a very large portion of Southern Maine is in the dark. We’re lucky to have our power back.

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  1. Aunt Joni Said,

    April 17, 2007 @ 8:54 am

    We are thankful you are ok. Thanks for posting. Your blog is more interesting than the news :-D . More personal account I guess. We saw pictures at the press herald sight taken near your house on the river.

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