Yesterday, Keturah and I went botanizing.
Mom dropped us at Jewel Falls, a place my family used to spend a lot of time, and we set to work identifying trees. I really enjoyed it. We brought along our tree books, and we weren’t ten feet into the woods before we sat down and began taking notes. We found American Beech, Red and White Oak, Maple (though because it’s fall, we couldn’t tell if it was Sugar or Norway), Paper Birch, Gray Birch, Hemlock, Balsam Fir, and a huge tree covered with Bittersweet. Along the road we also identified a silver poplar.
When we arrived back at home, I pulled out the round book, and we started on a complicated Christmas round that is comprised of five parts and eight or so well-known Christmas carols.
Then I went to chorus. It was a disaster, actually. We sounded better before we tried to sound good. We’re singing Vivaldi’s Gloria, which most of us have done before and I still have memorized, but yesterday as we tried to put the parts together we couldn’t do it at all. I could’ve cried, it was just so bad.
I had a nice day, though. I got a few compliments on my appearance…my shoes and the way I had my hair…I’d forgotten that looking nice can be a pleasant feeling.

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  1. Sonja!! Said,

    November 18, 2006 @ 9:14 pm

    Sounds like a blast. =D I had fun talking on the phone to you today. Did I tell you about my peotry reading party last night?? I don’t think I did. Remind me to tell you at Christmas, it was realllly funny. Hmm… Ok, I’m done. Love, Sonja the Magnificent

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