Blood and gore

We went to the lake early this morning and ate our breakfast there, then went swimming. It was really fun, Than and I goofed around with Dad a lot, and the water was the perfect temperature. However, as I tried to get the messed up braid out of my hair in the water before we left, I jumped up and came down on some glass, or something sharp. Went right into my foot. It hurt quite a bit, though it felt rather glamorous walking up to the table with blood dripping out of my foot. I admit I enjoyed that, felt like a wounded hero or something. :P
It does present a problem, however. I’m going to be doing a lot of walking over the next week…supposed to be hiking in the Smokeys. We’ll see what happens. It’s not the worst foot injury imaginable, of course, but it’s a little annoying when you’re walking from place to place in unbearable heat carrying luggage.

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