“Now turn us round and we with all convenient dispatch- will undertake to marry any two of you we catch!”

Today’s rehearsal was pretty hysterical. There were six girls and three boys, Alex, Nathan, and Matt,  when I first got there, and it made for some funny staging. We began blocking the scene where Gianetta, my character, and Tessa are picked by the guys…once we’ve gone to our respective husbands, the rest of the girls and guys are supposed to find a partner and pair up. But with Alex and Matt filling in as Marco and Guiseppe, Nathan was the only one left. So he stood behind the three remaining girls while Emily and I were singing our solos and all that, and kept grinning and gesturing to show that he was one lucky guy. It was hilarious, we couldn’t sing for laughing.
This was also the first time we’ve had to get close to our partners or act like we’re in love. Matt was doing Marco, and since we’ve known each other all our lives it was really awkward. :P We just joked about it a lot, and had a lot of fun. Neither of us was really thrilled when we had to link arms. I’m nervous about doing it with Luke though…since I know Matt really well it’s not all that bad, but I don’t have such a sibling-ly relationship with Luke!

Lunch was great, too. Everyone ate on the swings, then sat on the grass and chucked wood chips at Nathan, who stood up in front of us and joked around and told stories. He’s not a bad entertainer, actually, did some really funny stuff. The really hilarious part, though, was when he threw a wood chip very hard and it hit me just above my left eye! It really hurt! I clapped my hands to my face and started giggling and tearing up at the same time, and then I started really laughing, and crying as well, from how funny it was. :P It’s awkward to be in pain and yet cracking up. I actually started bleeding, and had to walk around all day with this big scab on my face. *grin* Nathan, of course, took it all in stride and said of his throw, “Ooh, that was really good. And by that I mean I’m sorry.”

So anyway, I’m home now, and still smiling about the incident. ‘Twas a fun rehearsal. Hard work, but fun. Sang both Gianetta and Casilda. Afterwards, Mr. Bauer pointed out to me that I’d been mouthing everyone else’s words throughout practice…he apparently thought it was a bit funny. I hadn’t hardly noticed.
Tomorrow I’m going with Mrs. Konzcal to an all day historical clothing seminar! I’m so excited! It’s going to be really wonderful. She’s camping behind the Bath Historical Society building, so I might spend Saturday night with her and either skip church or go to the first random one we find on the way home. They’re Catholic and I’m Protestant, but I’m sure we could work something out. When it comes right down to it we believe the same things.

“Such divisions are purely arbitrary! Who says twenty four hours make a day?”
“There’s a popular impression to that effect”
“Then we’ll efface it!”

Sorry, random Gilbert and Sullivan quotes come to me now and then this time of year. It’s a disease, I tell you.


  1. Sonja Said,

    April 23, 2006 @ 10:26 pm

    Pretty fun stuff!! If I were you, I wouldn’t be so worried about the linking arms bit. I do that all the time anyway!! Then again, thats me. Speaking of costumes, I watched the Les Mis movie today. It was flipping amazering!!! Jean Valjean wore this coat that was astounfingly awesome, and I reallly want one. The end.

  2. Hannah Said,

    April 24, 2006 @ 12:14 pm

    Don’t worry, I’m not unduly nervous about it…just more than with Matt. :P

  3. Krissy Said,

    April 24, 2006 @ 2:29 pm

    Teeheehee fun!
    Haha the word “Catholic” brought to mind, we’re borrowing the Luther movie and Sonja and I are just off to finish it! If anybody asks, it’s really good.
    I’m rather hyper.

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