Today after Mrs. Libby helped me a bit with German, I asked if she would pull out a few Contadine skirts so I could get an idea of how many we have and if I need to sew my own. So we dug around in the dusty little storage room that I love so much, and found three boxes of skirts and boleros and kerchiefs.

The skirts are very simple, solid colored, mid-calf; they’ll look wonderful on stage, because the colors are so bright, and few are the same! I can’t wait. Yeomen was so drab. Gondoliers will be a veritable palette of color. :D
She found the Gianetta and Tessa skirts they made last time they performed Gondoliers, and they were beautiful! “The bigger the lead you are, the more lace you get.” There was a blue and a green one, and each had matching kerchiefs. They had pretty matching trim/lace all around the bottom. I fell in love with the blue one…since there’s four of us altogether, and only two skirts, I may end up making my own, but if I don’t, I would love to use the blue one! Very pretty.

I’m a little worried about the current events in the Muslim world…because of the cartoon incidents in Denmark, my friend Mire can’t go to visit her father on the other side of the country. It’s not safe to travel, because Denmark has very low security. I’m just praying that nothing drastic will happen.

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  1. Sone Said,

    February 10, 2006 @ 6:40 pm

    Yikes! Tell Mire good luck from me. =) I had been concerned about the news, simply because its seemed like a really bad situation that was already blown out of proportion and could easily become more so. But I’m sure it must be really frightening for people stuck in the middle of the controversy. Yikes.

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