Much excitement. I am officially playing Gianetta in Gondoliers this May. :D

Since June I’ve been working on the musical, especially this part. Today there were ‘try-outs’ after chorus, consisting of me, one of the other two girls in the running for Gianetta, one Tessa,┬áthree guys doing various parts,┬áMr. Bauer, who does our choreography, and lastly, Keturah, tagging along with her brother, and singing all the parts we didn’t have people for. It was a little nervewracking, because no one told me it would be an audition until I was there! Our school NEVER has auditions! But it turned out fine. Basically, we had to figure out which two girls out of the three of us got to do Gianetta. One had to move down to Tessa. Unfortunately, Emy couldn’t come. So just Emily and I traded solos…heh, the first solo they picked was the highest (darn them) with a high B at the end. And I had to go first. So I, with my excessive vibrato due to nervousness, sang it, and Mrs. Libby made a point of making me go back to do the B. :P When we were done, Matt Pillsbury said, “Man, that’s the highest I’ve ever gone!” (pause) “In falsetto, I mean.” ‘Twas pretty funny.

Since I knew all the people pretty well, and we were all some of the more serious chorus-goers, it ended up really fun. Keturah and I know basically the whole musical, and she can sing any of the parts in any of the songs (!), whenever Mrs. Libby skipped over a bit, we’d continue to sing the whole thing. She sang Marco, the romantic tenor lead, because we were lacking in tenors.

We also got to sing the song that is the REASON I wanted Gianetta in the first place- In a Contemplative Fashion! For those of you that saw Mikado, do you remember the song three of the guys did where they all sang something different at once? Well, in this song, it’s the four leads, Marco, Guiseppe, Gianetta, and Tessa, all singing different things in different rhythms at once. It’s so great.

I love working with people who are really commited to what they’re doing. For instance, Josh planned this meeting because he was concerned about working out parts. I wish everyone in chorus was that serious about the plays…they’d be so much better. I’m worried about this one, because we have only two or three tenors once we take the leads out of the chorus. And they aren’t all that great. The girls will be okay, they always are, but in the scenes where everyone pairs up, Each guy will have to take at least two, maybe three girls!*shudder*
I’m very much looking forward to rehearsals, however, and now that I know which part I have, I can really just sit back and enjoy the ride. :)

District II music festival tomorrow. Due to the insanely large amount of music I had to sing in my highest range today, lots of As and Bs, my voice is really strained. So I’m hoping vervently that it’ll be strong enough these next two days to get me through the festival! Son’ll be there too. I can’t wait. :D


  1. Krissy Said,

    February 3, 2006 @ 6:57 pm

    That’s great, Hannah!
    Matt is rather…kooky. He’s in my writing class, and he’s really funny. That’s a really fun class, we actually learn stuff even though we talk all the way through it, Mrs. Wolf deals with us very well, I think. =)

  2. Aunt Joni Said,

    February 6, 2006 @ 11:27 am

    Congratulations Hannah! Do you know what the dates of the performance will be so we can try to get there this year?

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