Ugh. I just put in about two hours on a project that I’m working on for AU…it’s going to be a while before it’s ready, but Dad and I did get the programs installed. I need my two skype entities to talk to each other, and they won’t. It’s frustrating. But overall we’ve done a pretty good job…anyway, just had to post something about that.

The All State audition was great. I’m usually a perfectionist, and I haven’t felt good about an audition since eighth grade; but today I think I nailed it. I still have a good chance of not getting in, but I’m really happy with how I did. I went in expecting to flop and managed to pull off the sight reading, the rote singing, and the piece! It’s really exciting. I also got to talk to Nathan, Luke, Matt, and Jonatas, which was really fun. Since I don’t go to GPCS anymore, I don’t see them much. Poor Nathan…he’d switched from tenor to bass at the last minute, and Jonatas had taken his tenor position. But the runners got mixed up, so Nathan ended up doing a tenor audition! In the end, the poor guy had to go twice, but he said his second audition was much better. Matt came out of his (we were the first people in the state to do it, Matt being the very first) and said to Luke, “You would have to try pretty hard to do worse than me. ” He’s not too confident, but most freshmen don’t make All State, anyway. Luke thought he did okay, and I didn’t get to hear how Jonatas did.
I really did enjoy conversing with those guys…I wish I got to see them more. It’s a shame they’re a grade below me; I like them a heck of a lot more than my former class.

Working backwards now…just before my audition I went to the Konzals (no idea how to spell that) for my first reenactment meeting. It was…amazing. Absolutely amazing. This reenactment…it’s what I have wanted to do for so long…there’s about eleven of us kids, and we’re all going to be sewing our costumes, creating detailed persona…I’m ecstatic. I couldn’t even begin to put into words just how exciting this is for me.
I was there early, and Tamara kept talking about how much I’d love it..and I have to say she’s completely right, they say that people who start this rarely stop, and I’m just dying to begin. And everyone is so friendly! I just love the people I am doing this with. There’s a wide age range, and one of the wonderful things about homeschooling is that all ages hang out and no one minds. Everyone is homeschooling, Christians, and the nifty part is that this is officially a 4-H club. I’ve always, always wanted to do 4-H. I’m just so excited.
I had to leave early from the Tate House tour because of my audition, so I missed the meeting and all the info about creating a persona and sewing and all that jazz, but I’m going to call Tamara and ask for what I missed. I’m so psyched. I’ll stop gushing now.

Before the Reenactment meeting, I had labs with Krissy and Keturah. We finished way early, so we wrote up our lab reports and then just talked for almost an hour. :) Keturah has joined the ranks of us crazy people going to the Narnia opening in costume, should be uber fun. We talked Tolkien, Redwall, Narnia, Eragon, even Pooh. As one of the girls said, “Pooh isn’t a children’s story, it’s literature!” *girn*
Then Keturah and I started singing random bits from Patience…’twas fun. I love G&S!
We want to have a party at the end of the year where we cook and eat all the food we’ve worked with in labs. So far we’ve had pineapple peach jello, yeast bread, mushroom, and we’ve got many more yummy things to come. It’ll be really nifty. :D

Oh, and did you know that the reason your gums bleed when you eat a raw pineapple core is because fresh pineapple contains an enzyme that breaks down your gums? I thought that was so interesting.


  1. Jessie Said,

    November 5, 2005 @ 5:53 pm

    Oh, so that`s why my gums were gone this morning.. I wish I`d`ve read that yesterday!!
    You said uber fun!!! LOL!! So funny! I love you Hannah.

  2. Krissy Said,

    November 6, 2005 @ 9:57 pm

    Yay! It was so much fun the other day! =) =)
    Glad that your Reenactment meeting went well!

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