Today was lab day, so Krissy and I went to Keturah’s. We looked at mold and mushrooms under the microscope, and when we finished early, we looked at strands of our hair. :P It was fun.

On the way back, I commented that I’d like to just start walking up one of the telephone wire paths…you know, when you’re in the country, there’s periodically areas that are almost ’shaven’ looking, no trees, and they go on for a long ways, with telephone polls weaving through them. Well, after Krissy got picked up, Mom and I went back out and walked up one of them. (Oh the joys of homeschooling!)
We followed a small, rocky path through the brush (lots of juniper, I noticed) until we reached a flooded area. Mom pulled off her shoes and started to walk through..it took me a lot longer, it’s October for pete’s sake, the water was COLD! Then we put our shoes back on and walked for a good twenty minutes longer, until we reached the top of the hill. Every time we thought we were at the top, we found that there was farther to go..at the crest, we could see mountains to the right, and we had a beautiful view of Mt. Washington!
Overall, we walked for an hour, and it was about two miles. It was very enjoyable.

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  1. Krissy Said,

    October 23, 2005 @ 1:17 pm

    Yay for my thin hair! =)
    Haha about water being cold, I went swimming in the lake right next to Shawnee Peak (where I go skiing), and it was really really fun! THe water wasn’t as cold as you would think, but I was in jeans and they made me feel really cold. =) Yay for WYC!!!!!

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