Yesterday we actually started working on Christmas music in chorus! I found it very enjoyable, because I already knew all the Gondoliers stuff we’d been doing, and this was real sightreading! :D My voice was really warmed up, and I felt like I actually sounded all right.
I stayed for the varsity guys’ game yesterday. It was a good game, the guys played really hard and won. They were intimidated by us, though, which was too bad. :( (‘Us’ being the gaggle of girls on the side) I don’t think I was particularly intimidating, but the rest of them seemed to be. We got some of the louder girls to quiet down after a while, which seemed to help.
I’ve been spending a lot of time lately researching for a new project, and I’m really excited. I hope it works out!


  1. Aunt Joni Said,

    October 5, 2005 @ 9:56 am

    The computer just told me it couldn’t find Hannah! Oh, dear whatever have we done with her. Once again this dratted computer had disconnected me from the internet!

    Caleb and I are singing in choir. Caleb is actually a bass. He can’t sing high enough for a tenor. I was very surprised. We have and excellent choir director now who is very experinced and gives us warm-up before we begin singing. She’s really helpful in other ways too. I feel needed. Usually we have half a dozen sopranos and one or two each of altos, tenors and basses. When we sang Sunday morning there were only two sopranos. I guess that answers my question of whether to stay in choir.

  2. Hannah Said,

    October 5, 2005 @ 3:46 pm

    That’s great, Aunt Joni! Caleb told me he had joined choir, I didn’t know you did too. Are you a soprano or an alto?
    Glad you’re both able to do it. :)

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