Boston Museum of Science

Yesterday we went to the Boston Museum of Science as a big part of our vacation. It was fun. We drove to Wonderland and hopped on the T, and then we went to Goverment Center and switched to the other line. that got us to Science Park. Fun. Than loved it of course. Then we walked to the Science Museum down the street. We got our tickets, and after a good amount of confusion, we decided what shows we wanted to see. There were some very cool exhibits. Hmmmm. Well, one of the first ones we saw was ” Science in the Park” and Than liked it a lot, it was very hands-on. It talked about how the simple things you play with at the park work. Then, naturally, Dad wandered away to the next exhibit, all about computers. They showed some old computers, and how they worked. it was interesting. Oh, yeah, the very first one we went in was all about MATH. Yes, Math. Argh. I didn’t get it. Oh well. You see, I have this faint hope that I am really a genious, and Einstien was really wrong. I always have some hidden arguement that I can’t quite figure out, and maybe that is really the right way! :P No. Not much hope of that. lol.
Ok, so Mom went in to the electricity show, and they did a little skit about Tesla, who invented the Tesla coil, and how he and Edison were rivals, and how Edison was famous when Tesla was just as great as he was. Poor guy. I didn’t see it, Mom told me all this. In the end, they took all their equipment, and made real lightning! Very loud, Than and Dad went later and Than excitedly described it to me. Then we ate lunch, and decided who was really going to the different shows. Mom and I ended going to the Omni theater show about Coral Reefs. I was exhausted and didn’t think I could take the loudness, but I went anyway. When I got there, I saw that it was very different from the i-max theater I had previously visited! Gosh, it was like a planetarium, in that the screen went from near the floor on one side, across the entire ceiling, and to the other side! Not the wall, that would destroy your neck. Well, I panicked, and told Mom I didn’t think that I could do it. She got me to, and we sat down near the front, there were no two seats together near the back, and I didn’t like that either, only to diszcover that we were sitting directly beside a speaker! I was not happy. :P Well, it was great. I found the show fascinating, it was about a certain man in Fiji, his country’s reefs were all dying. He enlisted the help of some friends of his, who were marine biologists, I think. In any case, they studied all the reasons why his reef was dying, by visiting many others around the world. They showed the landscape of the different counries as they flew over, or boated around, and with the huge screen, the mountains were just beautiful. Really beautiful. Well, it was great to watch, though I got tired from plugging my ears!:P
Then mom and I went to see a free show about illusions, and that was fascinating. Than and Dad went to see “Mysteries of the Milky Way” and that was, of course, all by evolutionists, but it was great, I heard. They saw the electricity show, and we met. Than later showed us virtual volleyball, and we all played for a while. He was so excited. :P That’s Than for you. Well, I have got to end this, it’s a long blog.
We are leaving to go camping tomorrow. I say this as it pours outside. Ugh. I hope it doesn’t rain! Last time we camped, it did, and Than and I slept in the car! :P That was fun. huh.
Well, pray it doesn’t rain, and I will blog sometime after we get back! :)

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