Out of titles…

Let’s see…quick catch up..
Monday I went to Mal’s, and Megan was there as well. Part way through the day we decided to ride our bikes to Beals, the ice cream place, and then to a blueberry picking spot. The ride to Beals was an hour and fifteen minutes (approximately), so we enjoyed a rest. At this point, we realized that my house was only twenty minutes away at the most. We decided to have some fun and just play everything by ear, have an ‘adventure.’ It was worth it. We called our mothers, and after making arrangements to be picked up, rode back to my house. It was scary, riding with Drew, Mallory’s younger brother, because he was so reckless and the intersections in my area are not very safe.
Eventually we made it home, only to discover that Mom hadn’t returned from her trip yet and the doors were locked. After some time, we found a window, removed the screen, and stuffed Drew inside. He let us in, and we managed to occupy ourselves happily until Mrs. Cram came to pick us up.

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