Finally, some time to breathe. The first two nights of Yeomen are over, and I’m not terribly tired. Here’s a summary of Friday and Saturday.

Friday, Dad and I got there early so he could get ready. Keturah arrived not long after, so we walked around and chatted for a while. Oh, right! I did my own makeup for the first time ever…it was really exciting. I managed to arrive with makeup on, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.
We got in our costumes successfully, and the play started well. I have had a really bad cough lately, and it got to it’s worst right about then. I ended up missing two entrances and mouthing the words for the finale, which was rather dissapointing. There was a magnificent thunderstorm for the entire duration of the play…but the lights only flickered once. That was a blessing…it was extremely humid though, which was hard for us. We had great costumes, but we were very hot, especially the guys.

Saturday went much better. Mom and I went shopping and I got a great shirt for two dollars at a consignment shop, (yay for bargain shopping!) and four tank tops at the mall with a gift card I got for Christmas. Then we went home, and not long after, Dad and I left.
The show was much better. I didn’t cough for most of it, managed all my entrances, and I think my acting was okay. The chorus as a whole did a better job as well.
There was no thunder, but a very thick cloud of mist rolled in and covered everything. It was real pea soup fog. Maine coast fog, I guess. :P It was so wonderful…I wasn’t really hot in my costume! If only Monday could be the same…
Afterwards Dad, Jane, Kendra, and I met up with nearly everyone else at Friendlies. I sat behind several Yeomen and at the same table as Alisha (who was my fellow sufferer, she had the same cold), Kendra, Jane, Emily, and occasionally Angela or Phil, who were wandering all over the place. Alisha and I both had sundaes…good stuff. Philip is so funny…he was just standing by our table telling jokes and goofing off. He’s really good at accents..really made us laugh. Then Angela came and told some stories on her little girl Emily…and she and Alisha and I had a real blonde moment…
Me: Ooh, you’re going to get sick if you sit next to us!
Angela: Get sick with what?
Me: With what Alisha has. (Alisha confirmed this heartily)
Angela: Well, what does SHE have?
Me: With what I have NOW. (Alisha confirmed this as well)
It was really funny…but I think you had to be there.
I ended up getting to bed between 1:30 and 2:00…so when we dropped Kendra off our goodbye wasn’t “See you in the morning!” but rather “See you later today!”


  1. Sonja is a bannana pudding Said,

    June 13, 2005 @ 1:58 pm

    Your play was really good! (Well, except the ending). The guynwho played the jester is awesome. =)8 Good luck at thy performance tonight!

  2. Krissy Said,

    June 13, 2005 @ 6:26 pm

    *Sonja is a bad speller as well as a banana pudding* =P Teehee just kidding, Sone! =)
    The play was really good both nights I went! Cool about doing your own makeup! I didn’t know that! =)

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