Wow. Last night was amazing. And I was right…I cried the entire time. Rad was very sweet and didn’t say anything when I wiped my eyes on his sleeve repeatedly. It felt at first like I was leaving part of my life behind, but then a few things happened to change that.

Several of the seniors read speeches based on letters/words that formed the acronym “Growing Up.” When David mentioned Mrs. Filmore’s third grade cheerleaders, I realized that I really am blessed to be able to go to a small school like this, as much as I dislike it. You know it’s a special school when even the seniors know the third grade class.

Then they thanked all the teachers. Poor Mrs. Willink, she has to go through this every year! I don’t think she’d have it any other way, though. I can’t wait to have her as a homeroom teacher.

One thing that I love about the way our school does graduation is that the seniors each get a short slideshow, pictures of themselves and whoever else they want to include. I believe they choose the music for it. So we got to see our seniors growing up…when they got to John’s video, I was really nervous because I knew I’d completely lose it. It had such great pictures, of the legendary uncle that we’d heard so much about as kids, their grandparents, and several of a very young John in a little red bow tie. Then, I glanced up at the screen a little late for the next picture, and was shocked to find MYSELF up there. That was what made me really sob. He and his family did consider our family to be an important part of their lives. I looked over at Mrs. Willink, and she started giggling when she saw my face. I don’t know how she knew it was me…I must have been three or four in that picture. So all you who looked at that pic and wondered who the heck the little blonde girl was, that was me.
David and Cat sang a lovely duet…I’d never heard David sing so low, because he’s always forced into the higher tenor parts for G&S! Caitlin was nervous, but she did a good job.

Then we went through the line. It started with Jeff, who was happy that I hadn’t come in and shot everyone yet. Since seventh grade, he’s been certain that I’m going to come in with a gun…I’m going to miss him. Then I moved to Cat and Amanda…then I skipped up to Zack. He grabbed me by the shoulders, opened his mouth to speak, but I beat him to it. “You didn’t fail!” He gave me a huge hug…I used to go around telling him he was going to fail, it’s a long story. I really love that kid, it’ll be awful not having him around. He had better visit.
Becca was next. She gave me a hug and said that she really wished we’d gotten to know each other better, that we’d been in a closer grade. I wholeheartedly agreed. She’s such a sweet person…but she’ll come back for the plays, so I’ll see her then, and I must get her email!

Last but not least were John, Andy, and David. Andy hugged me, and dear polite David tried to shake my right hand, which was full of cameras and water bottles, offered his left hand, then found that full, so I switched all to my left and we got to shake. :P It was great. And then John. Ohh man, I am going to miss him so much! I gave him the little folder of pictures that mom had made…of Than, Matt, me, and John when we were very young. Doing the plays we wrote so long ago…and a few recent pictures. He said he wished he’d had them when he was putting together his slideshow. I asked if I could hug him, and he said, “of course!” He agreed that we absolutely MUST keep in touch, and said he would come back for all the plays and be in the alumni ones.
Mom and I went to talk to Mrs. and Mr. Scribner…she says she has some really cute pictures of me and Matt for when he and I graduate. Matt mostly sat there and looked a little embarassed, heehee, he’s a really great guy.
Then John appeared, and we all looked at the pictures. He thought it was so great that we had pics of us performing our plays at ages five and eight and then in the G&Ss.

Well, there’s my tearful spiel for the day. Later I have to perform a skit after the parade, it’s our town day, and since our drama group is incredibly poor, we have to solicit as much money as possible. Uncle Pete from Atlanta is here, with sons Joah (3) and Ransom True (7 mo.). I love the name Ransom, they stole it from me. Heehee.


  1. Jessie Said,

    June 4, 2005 @ 1:36 pm

    Oh, I haven`t talked to Claire in so long. Maybe they`ll be at camp this summer.

  2. Hannah Said,

    June 4, 2005 @ 6:26 pm

    Me neither! I owe her a letter, I got one last month…heh…
    I really hope they’re at camp. Maybe if we both write telling what dates we’ll be there, they’ll come. :P

  3. Krissy Said,

    June 7, 2005 @ 12:03 pm

    It’s a BOY!
    Sorry, a LITTLE hyper…..=)

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