Our school is a soap opera…

Wow, I have a ton to write. We’ll see how much of it I can get down.

Yesterday was pretty traumatic. It started out with that crazy dream, which really just made me laugh afterwards, but not when it was happening!
When we got to school, we had our regular class first period, but when second came around the student council served the whole high school lunch. It was fun, and I was hungry so it was convenient too. :P After that there was a big softball game, and everyone either played or watched. I ended up sitting on the swings with Anna, Sarah, and Audrey. We had a lot of fun.

Afterwards, Mr. Dawson kept my math class out to play softball; I mostly just stood around holding a glove, because I’m absolutely terrible at it. I no longer see the appeal of holding a big dirty chunk of leather and trying to hit a ball before it hits you. Survival instincts, maybe? ;)

A few other kids came out, including Geometry class and a study hall. Russ was one of them. At one point, he and Jacob both ran for the ball, it was way up in the air. No one saw it coming: they crashed right into each other, full speed. The most sickening sound I’ve ever heard, you could hear it across the field. Sort of a cross between a crunch and a slap. Then they both fell over and lay there…Jacob must have lain there for 3-5 minutes before he could get up. Then he went home, and I talked to his mom last night at Yeomen practice, apparently the doctor said he’d be okay, but very sore. Russ, on the other hand, couldn’t get up for about ten minutes, and when he did, the teachers had to help him in. Poor guy. Might have a cracked rib or something.

Anyway, that was pretty crazy. Then we had a big boyfriend/girlfriend issue going around the class…and anything that affects one person affects all of us. I had a good conversation with Andrew about how we’d both like to move up a grade or leave the school or something, we’re sick of our class.

Graduation is tonight. I keep forgetting. I will cry….I’ve known John forever. Today is his last day at the school! What could be more depressing? Yesterday was his last chorus rehearsal. I decided to be an alto and sat next to him…I’ll miss him so much.

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  1. Krissy Said,

    June 5, 2005 @ 4:32 pm

    Speaking of wierd dreams…I had a really odd one…I mean REALLY odd. I’ll e-mail it to you later. =P

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