Makeup and music…

I went to Sarah’s house yesterday, and we watched a video of Gondoliers. Very funny, ours will be so much better. Then mom showed up so that Mrs. Sarah’s Mom could give us some tips on how to wear makeup and such. For all you cousins and friends that disapprove of makeup, girls will be girls, so you’ll have to bear with your only older girl cousin. ;)
Mom and I agreed that I needed something for the banquet Friday. And I really wanted to be able to apply my own stage makeup, it make things so much easier to come prepared to a show. So I got some foundation and some acne stuff. And tons of samples, that way I don’t have to buy everything right now…so now I’m prepared for special occasions and shows.
School is in an hour and a half…I’m so tired, I don’t know if I’ll make it through, what with a rehearsal from 5:30 to 8:00 including blocking. Oh well.


  1. Ted Said,

    May 26, 2005 @ 1:08 pm

    Yes makup is evilllll!!

    And you’re not older… than me… but I suppose you *are* my oldest girl cousin on the Pearson side – there are only what…. oh yes, 1 other.

    I do have 5 girl cousins on the other side of my family though, and at least 2 of them are older than you…

  2. Hannah Said,

    May 26, 2005 @ 3:42 pm

    I know. I just mean on this side of the family.:P
    *sigh* Have you ever considered the fact that it’s hard to be the only girl cousin when the ones you talk to most are boys? ;)

  3. Caleb Said,

    May 26, 2005 @ 4:23 pm

    I am your older cousin, Hannah, you are only 15, I’m 18. And I have Two girl cousins in their 20’s! As far as makeup goes I’m not opposed to it unless put on in excess. But earings are totally unatractive! Nevermind all the other rings. But earings for guys is even worse! I have an Uncle and step cousing who wear those in their left ears.

  4. Caleb Said,

    May 26, 2005 @ 4:27 pm

    And makeup should never be done often!

  5. Sony Said,

    May 26, 2005 @ 5:32 pm

    Makeup can be really fun for acting/concerts/fancy things/randomely dressing up, but many people waste too much time on such things. I ENJOY looking scruffy, thank you very much, so I rarely wear it myself; although I have some I use for special occasions. Caleb, I have to dissagree about earings. If you have cool earings (for example my friend has some that she made that say “pina colada” and have pinapples on them) they are really neet. Also, they are way fun for playing dress up (especially gypsies, sorceresses). In general, earings are ugly on guys, but I can think of 2 (both named Aaron, ironically) that look pretty cool. =)8

  6. Krissy Said,

    May 26, 2005 @ 6:34 pm

    Who’s the other Aaron, Sonja? I think I know who one is but I don’t know the other.
    I hate makeup on myself, I always rub it off. On other people…as long as it’s not too excessive, it’s fine, I guess…although I would much rather people spend money on other stuff. =P

  7. Hannah Said,

    May 27, 2005 @ 5:45 am

    *rolls eyes* I just mean older than Courtney, the only female cousin on this side.
    And yep, I know! I don’t plan on wearing makeup every day. This stuff, like I said, is for special occasions and shows. I don’t think I could STAND to wear it everyday. I’m still Hannah, you know, the girl who used to run cringe whenever the word was mentioned.
    As for earrings, I’m with Son. Nothing wrong with them, I might get them someday. Right now I just haven’t bothered. I agree about earrings in a boy, though. Completely unattractive…hrmm, do I know one of those Aarons? :P

  8. Ted Said,

    May 27, 2005 @ 8:32 am


    *waits for Hannah to run cringing*

    la la la. I haven’t seen you in ages Hannah!

  9. Jessie Said,

    May 27, 2005 @ 5:15 pm

    I agree with Hannah and Sonja; earrings are neat. I guess makeup is ok. I don`t wear it myself, but as long as it isn`t overdone.. it`s all cool.

  10. Sonja Said,

    May 27, 2005 @ 5:47 pm

    Yup, one would be Aaron Parker. The other was a counsoler at camp a few years back who just looked really good with rings. He even managed to pull off an EYEBROW ring that looked good. It was uncanny. =)8 Oh, and Alex Johnson’s (another camp counsoler) earing isn’t bad either, although it doesn’t look fabulous.

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