Well, we had the first two nights of the play last week, and tonight is my last night performing. I’m not nervous right now, in fact I’m much more…I don’t know.
Anyway…the show tonight…I have to get there earlyish…and make absolutely SURE Sarah’s mom does my makeup. I’ve been really fed up lately with people who say they hate the show, tell me not to sing the music when I’m around them, and constantly complain about Mrs. Libby…then they continue to be in it every year and talk WHILE on stage! GAH. It’s really inconsiderate to those of us who work hard at it.
I’m hoping like heck to get out of wearing a mic. Last week I fought for about an hour with Nathanael (not my brother) because they were going to mic me, and they hadn’t told me OR let me practice with it. So I was really upset…but he won in the end. Turns out, after me having to take off my costume and rearrange everything, and being ten times more nervous…they forgot to turn it on. And people said I was loud enough, at least nearly. A lot better than last year anyway. I’m hoping they’ll just go with that this time…

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