I hate not having people able to comment on my site.
Today I had my first big Mikado practice. Not that many people were there…and Emily wasn’t, so I got to do my part almost all day. She came after three hours. The practice was six.
So I worked with several different people on my trio. It got a little frustrating, because I couldn’t get one part of the choreography right, with the fan, but I eventually figured it out.
I’ve been sick for two weeks. Dry through, racking cough, runny nose. This happened at the beginning of the year too, and it lasted more than two months, through all my important auditions…so I’ve started using my inhaler again, hopefully that’ll help.
Angela is such a dear. We were practicing the girls’ opening piece in the small German room, and I started coughing and coughing…since the day I had to go home early sick, she’s been very motherly…feeling my forehead, asking if I need water, etc. Sweet of her. She’s hinted that she might take over the chorus when Mrs. Libby passes away..I say passes away because as long as she’s alive, she will not give up the chorus. She loves it too much. I am quite sure that some day she will simply drop dead. Forget retirement.
Our family went to Gettysburg Sunday through Tuesday. Amazing. I’m getting involved in Reenactment ASAP. Joining the Third Maine.

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