Strengths and Sorrows

Dear strangers from distant lands, friends of old,

I just got your letter within the last week. At first I had decided merely to drop out of site forever, but upon reading of your concern I finally realized what a foolish thing my uncaring plan was. Why did I drop out and plan to stay away, you ask? It is a question of self-control. You see, I could very well be labeled as an “internet junkie�. As hard as I try to cut back on online time significantly, nothing works, and one evening I at last made up my mind to just stop. Completely. After that moment of decision I only went online to check my email – rarely more than once a week. It seems to be working this time… this forum is like a bad habit: many times before I have attempted to take away my “addiction� to it, but yet I always seem to return. As much as I hate to say it, I pray that that is not the case.
Yes, I love(d) it here. I love you all as a family… yet some things cannot be so. I am not returning, only merely making a visit so you won’t think I’ve exploded physically.

While I’m here, I might as well make a few quick notes to the people I think I was closest to…

As much as I wish to write more to all of the others, I am running out of time online. God bless you all, and may continue to grow and spread itself out in spite of all the various troubles that arise. Rest assured that I am not dead, but I am not coming back.

I love you all.


P.S. No letters, please. Only emails… and don’t expect them to be answered often at all.

I can’t stop crying…

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