I’ve started keeping a regular diary recently. It’s lasted longer than any of my other attempts…a little over two weeks. It’s somehow relaxing to write about my day, complaints, thoughts…
I’ve completely run out of interesting things to say on here. Maybe if I just talk about my day…?
Dori IMed me a few hours ago and invited me down for a picnic. I went…turned out really fun. We just had hotdogs and potato salad and fruit on a blanket in the living room…with a little fake fire going and the lights off…and I don’t care if it sounds stupid and young. If I can’t act silly as I get older, I’ll just go drown myself now. Then we made s’mores and burned ourselves…at one point, while we were making them, the cd Dori was playing gave a screech..she screamed, which made me scream, which made us both convulse in laughter. It resulted with Dori lying on the floor giggling, and me trying in vain to get her up. ‘Twas fun.

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