We’re bowing to the Mikado because we don’t wanna get our heads chopped off.

Today Mrs. Libby passed around the sheet in Chorus. In other words, anyone who wanted a part in the Mikado signed up. Naturally, only the people she already knew wanted parts signed up, and they were the people who would get them. That’s just how things work at our school. Luckily, I am one of those people.
Emy, Julia, Emily, and I all signed up for Pitti-Sing…but I know I’m getting Peep-bo, so I signed up for that one as well. The other was just wishful thinking. Both Emily and I were dissapointed to get the other part…but we have one source of hope: Steph put a question mark next to her name under Katisha. If we can get her not to take a part this year, since she is tentative, then Julia can do Katisha, and Emily and I can each get one night as Pitti-Sing! Or one of us can get two nights. We’re going to try hard to make that happen, even though it would involve a LOT of hard work. And I know Mrs. Libby doesn’t really want me to be Pitti-Sing, because I have a quiet, lyric soprano voice, but I know I could do it. The main thing is, Peep-Bo doesn’t have a single solo, and that’s what I love…she has a few solo lines, but no good solo, like last year. Ah well, she’s a very fun character to play. She’s supposed to be very pretty and graceful in appearance, (as I joked with Mrs. Libby, that rules me out! :P ) but when she speaks, her words have a sting. Pretty funny…always reminding Yum-Yum that her husband’s head is about to be lopped off. Ah well, either way, I know she’s giving me a part this year, she’s told me that much.

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