I’ve suddenly become a geek.

I never thought I would do Role-Playing Games. I’d always associated RPG with Dungeons and Dragons..not very pleasant. But it’s fun. And you’ll laugh at me for this, but I’m actually getting a lot out of it, it’s acting really. I’m trying to think like a certain person, which is hard enough if you want to do it well, but in my case, it’s someone ELSE’S character. That’s where the acting comes in.

My hard work has paid off though. I was nominated by two people for the Minstrel award, where you choose the best RPer. Turin, by far the best, was nominated three times. Other people who had been doing it for years were nominated once. I have no doubt that I will not win, but the fact that I was nominated is very encouraging. :) I just joined an RP with Rumil, an online pal. We play brother and sister, which I think I will enjoy very much.
Well, school starts tomorrow. I need to go to bed. Good night, everyone. And Happy Nie Year. *cough* Happy New Year. I meant new.

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