Yesterday, I went to Anna and Regina’s along with Amelia and Jackie to have a LOST party. I hate the word party. Anyway…
we had so much fun! First we played Yahtzee and goofed off looking at pictures in National Geographic books for kids…then we made a movie! It was great. We all dove into the dress-up box and started digging around…this was my first time over there…one of Mary’s friends commented, ” This is great! Ninth graders playing dress-up!”
I love it. And anyone who thinks it’s immature had better go jump in a lake, because it’s perfectly fine. There’s much worse ways we could be having “fun.”
It was a western setting- I was the piano player, you know, the guy who plays upbeat jazzy tunes on an out-of-tune piano…I started to play a song, as Amelia and Jackie poured themselves something to drink at the bar. Then Anna swaggered in wearing a poodle skirt (of all things!) and cowboy boots…after roughly demanding a drink, I somehow switched songs, and began dancing to “Blues in C.” (If you’ve heard me play, you may know which one this is…even Jessie, I was playing it at Peniel! :P )
Amelia joined her, wearing a very pretty dress, much like the yellow one I wore for Patience, and the blue one Emy Keenan wore for Pirates. Perfect dress for G&S. So the two are dancing away, and then Anna bumps into Amelia…this gets them into a fist fight, then they both yell “DRAW!” in their best western accents, and shoot each other. I end my song, and Jackie walks over. Mwaha. We shook hands over their bodies. We’d been planning it alll along. :P It was so fun just acting our age. Because HECK, kids our age can play dress up and make movies and plays and all that! Modern society, especially at school, calls for a person to conform, and “grow up,” but in trying to be grown up, you end up looking like a blazing IDIOT!

SO that’s my rant for the day. Oh, right. I didn’t even finish the story. ‘Tis long, watch out!
SInce the whole purpose of the evening was to watch the show LOST (featuring Dominic Monaghan) together, we sat down and got ready, with homemade smoothies and nuts and crackers. The show came on, it was a repeat, but that was ok, because I’ve only seen one episode. I’m too scared to watch the others, I only know all about it because the Tibbets tell me every Thursday morning how it went.
You see, I have a love-hate relationship with this show…I love it because it’s dramatic, well written, and has Dom in it, but I hate it because it’s DARN scary!! Oh well. I hid in my pillow half the time, but it was good.
But the most EXCITING thing happened! I’ve been studying up on medicinal herbs for a while now, and just the other day I made a eucaluptus lavendar rub for congestion…on the show, Shannon, one of the characters, was having a really bad asthma attack. They thought Sawyer had her inhaler, but he wouldn’t give it…(turns out he didn’t have it in the first place.) She couldn’t breathe, but suddenly we see the Korean woman using dark green leaves to make a paste, and rubbing them on Shannon…I said that I guessed they were eucolyptus, because I remembered it from me research…and I was RIGHT! I nearly started yelling, I was so happy. Man, I thought all my work would NEVER pay off! I actually got it right! Almost died I was so happy.
So we watched the two episodes…had to mute and change the channel a few times, their parents are a lot like mine when it comes to what’s appropriate and what’s not. Eeep. Sawyer…never mind.
Afterwards, all Mary’s friends (ages 15-18) came out to talk to us. We watched a bit on the tsunamis, then turned it off because it was so disturbing. We got to talking about sewing and all, and I said I liked costuming, even though I was not very experienced. Laura, (18) mentioned that she did too, and we discovered a common interest: LotR costumes. The coolest part is yet to come! I asked if she ever used websites for references, and she said ALLEYCATSCRATCH.COM/LOTR! YES YES YES YES YES! I finally met someone else who goes on that site! And she also goes on TORn…then one girl mentioned that her brother got in the TORn “RotK EE DVD” gallery! And I found him, I remember which one it was! The boy in the red TORn t-shirt! YES YES YES! It was so cool! I mentioned that I had a review published on ACS, the BIGGEST LotR costume site on the web, and she was pretty amazed! Oh it was the neatest thing…!!!
I mentioned AU, and she’s going to check it out. We ended up talking for at LEAST an hour about LotR…it was really really fun. Then the next morning, people heard me playing the piano, and started to applaud and ask me to play other things! I played almost all the LotR music I knew, then solfeggieto, and they loved it! It was really neat.
So yeah. I had a wonderful two days. At the end, when I had to go, even the two people I didn’t know hugged me, AND Mary, Anna and Regina’s sister! It was really neat how these people just accepted me. Unbelievable. And the four girls were awesome, even though I was a relatively new friend and they’d all been friends for YEARS. *sigh* I’m happy.

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