nate is funny…

me: hiyah
N: hi
me: what’s up?
N: nm
N: u
ME: talking to a dork
ME: his name is nate
ME: and he won’t say anything more than hi, nm, and u.
N: o
N: thanx
ME: making cookies for megan and mallory and all. ;-)
N: ok
N: me?
Me: hmm…I should bring a few extras in
ME: for SOME of the guys
ME: first come first serve
ME: :P
N: including me
N: no
ME: fine then including you. :P
N: mike will take them all
ME: ok never mind. first come OTHER THAN MIKE first serve
N: no
N: ill get a little 1
N: im slow
N: u should reserve a really big 1 4 me!
ME: ok. BIG ONE FOR NATE then first come other than mike first serve?
N: yes
N: thats good
ME: lol
N: lol

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  1. Krissy Said,

    October 12, 2004 @ 9:53 am

    I want some too.
    Ah, well. Mark a chair with a sign on it saying ‘Krissy Birthisel – please do not sit on’ so I can be there in spirit.
    Were you there that time Sonja did that for Ember, then she sat on her accidentally?

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