I totally forgot to blog about the newts!
The first day of our being at Peniel, Than and I spent collecting the little orange newts that were all over the place. We really liked them, and we were bored, so we started the NEWT fan club. the sign on our door said:
T (uh, we’re working on that one)

lol…then we made our newt fan club song.
it went like this…
You’ve all seen veggie tales, well I sang “newt newt newt newt newt newt salamander” to the tune Larry played on his tuba. :P
Meanwhile Than sang,
“Newts are great!
They’re really first rate!
They don’t live in sewers
And they never are late!

They only come out
In the morning and night!
When you see them all there
it’s a really cool site!”
then the chorus…
OOO AAA! dee ba bibbidy bo!
OOO AAA! dee ba bibbidy bo!


boy, were we HYPER. It was so much fun, just being silly have goofing off with my brother. I love him. :D
Later, when Jessie and Jordan had left, Than and I found our last few newts and he named a bunch. One was Newtso-fatso. Rather obviously, he was fat. Another was Newtso-’splorzo. Which I thought was funny…he explored a lot. :P
I got a bunch of pictures. Than, oddly enough, was wearing a shirt with a bright orange newt on it, which we didn’t notice until I got the pictures! I think I’ll post a few…later. Time for breakfast. YUM! pancakes with blueberry syrup…

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    August 29, 2004 @ 10:55 am


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