What’s georgian for ‘bye?’

Well, this is my last full day. I just tried to forward all my emails to myself, but because of the way it works I can’t. really stinks. Oh well, I got one or two. Aunt Margaret and I are going to the Martin Luther King, Jr. museum today, then to the playground with Joah! Oh yesterday.
We went to Stone Mountain, which is incredible because it is just a huge chunk of stone. We had a brochure with a small pic of the mountain, and Joah wouldn’t let go of it. He called it the mountain. It was hilarious…
Then we started to climb after eating a wonderful supper Aunt Erika had made for us. Enchiladas. Yum.
We started to climb, and it began to rain. So we headed back down. As we did so, a train started to pull in, and Joah got excited, of course. Ok, this is a little gross but it’s so funny!
All of a sudden, the train let off a huge whistle, and Joah’s jaw dropped. He stayed shocked the whole time the train was there. Now, he had his finger up his nose the whole time, and just left it there while he watched! Oh well, he’s a little kid. He can do that. :P
We spent a long time under the shelter leading to the bathrooms, and other people were really amused by the way Joah ran around and yelled. Eventually another train pulled in, and he was running around; then the whistle blew and he screamed ‘OW’ and froze! It was really hilarious. Then we ran for the car…
This morning Joah came in and started to play with me on my bed. It was so fun. He’s really a neat little kid. When I had to leave to come, well, here, he clung to me and wouldn’t let me go. It was pretty cute.
Oh, one more thing. Uncle Pete was putting gas in the car, while the Aunts got hot chocolate. Joah and I sat in the car, and the kid kept yelling, “I wanna ‘nack! I wanna ‘nack!”
So Uncle Pete started smooshing his face against the window and doing all kinds of funny things…then he took his keys and stuck them in his mouth. But these were the kind of keys with one of those black things attached, with buttons that lock and unlock. He lowered them in, and pressed buttons accidently with his tongue. The lights started going on and off…it was so funny!!!
We are trying to get Joah not to call Aunt Margaret just Margaret. It might take a while…
Ok, there’s a kid on the computer next to me who keeps glancing at me and making funny noises. Don’t quite get it. Mom, not like the grocery store guy! :P
Well, this was my last Georgian blog. I will see you all in Maine!
No wait. ya’ll. I will see ya’ll in Maine!


  1. alice peterson Said,

    June 29, 2004 @ 4:32 am

    Hi Hannah
    Now which one’s the kid? Pete or Joah? Keys in the mouth???????????Ohwell, can’t compaline, after all I raised him. Yes I did!1 Did too!!

    OK, I’m gettin a connection here……….lost it. It’s coming back now…….nope……….yes……….here it is!MOUNTAINS!!RAIN!!Everytime you climb a mountain it rains!!Everytime it rains you climb a mountain! Everytime you climb it rains a mountain!Everytime you mountain it climbs a rain! Somewhere in there is a connection. Anybody see it?

    OK,I guess I see why your friends think your parents are just a little bit strange. At least this one.
    Not strange–unique.
    You don’t want everyone to be just alike, do you?
    DO YOU?

    See you tomorrow at Logan,

  2. Jessie Said,

    June 29, 2004 @ 5:46 am

    I LOVE enchiladas!!

  3. Krissy Said,

    July 7, 2004 @ 8:07 am

    Yeah, I see the connection! =)
    How old is Joah? that’s really funny!
    Oh, man, the pastor who married G&J said ya’ll, and she said it a lot! Especially during the rehersal dinner! It was rather amusing! =)
    What sort of ‘funny noises’ is the kid making? bleagh.

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