Well, I am back. I am going to try to say what I did, but it might get boring.

Krissy and Sonja took me up, and left us with our counsellors. I learned that Kirsten ________ can’t say her last name, was my junior counsellor. I knew her because she was in Pirates. Yay. Then I got really nervous, cause I realized that someone else was there too, that I really don’t like, it’s a long story. Well, we got settled in, and met our cabinmates and counsellors. In my cabin were:
Krissy, Nicole, Stephanie, Erika, and Catlin. Erika and Catlin were friends, and seemed a little exclusive at first, but they warmed up to us as we got further into the week. I found out that Stephanie lived in ________ argh, I can’t say that either! In my town, just a little ways away, and I could talk to her sometimes! Yes! She and Krissy and I really hit it off. She is cool.
Not much happened the first night. I didn’t sleep well, but no one ever does the first night.
Well, maybe will blog more later. Have to finish reading Mindy’s blogs, haven’t caught up yet! :P

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