I have SO many things to write about!

today we climbed Burnt Meadow Mountain with Aunt Margaret. Not particularly high, 1009 feet, but very very steep. At one point we thought we were at the summit, then rounded a curve and saw a peak in front of us with a rock face, very steep. We actually scaled it! I was suprised. Some parts were nearly vertical. I hadn’t wanted to go, but once we made the top, as usual, I was very glad I did. There were mountains all around us. That was all we could see, mountains, mountains, and more mountains. Mount Washington was easily visible, lots of snow, and seemed really close. I think we might have seen Chocorua, “our family mountain,” which we are climbing for Mom’s birthday. In any case, it was really beautiful.

Aunt Margaret booked tickets for her and I to go to Atlanta! And turns out, I have nearly enough money! $166 round trip, and I have $113. Been saving a while. Means I will have to put off getting my preciouss…but that’s ok. I have only seen Joah two or three times, and rarely see my Aunt and Uncle. So this is exciting!
I have never been on a plane before, so if you have any advice, PLEASE tell me. I admit, even when I am in a car, I sit there and think of every possible thing that could happen to me. So, on June 23-30, pray if you think of it that we will stay safe and have a good time. I am quite sure we will. I hope we get window seats, not too likely, but who knows!
Well, this is enough for one day. Oh right. My precious is a beautiful copy of a book that I am saving for… it’s a joke with Mallorntree and Estel…don’t know why I said it here.
I hate that. When you hold down the shift key, you can’t get apostrophes. You just get quotes. UGH.


  1. Anonymous Said,

    April 25, 2004 @ 9:12 am

    Advice for the plane: chew gum. I didn`t, and my ears were plugged up the whole time. It`s not a good feeling.

    From Jessie

  2. Krissy Said,

    April 26, 2004 @ 5:30 am

    Or suck on Lifesavers. It really works (for me at least)!
    I guess this means I will not have to feel guilty about the whole fencing thing, because you will have spent all your savings for the ticket!

  3. Anonymous Said,

    April 26, 2004 @ 5:33 am

    Is Chocorua the mountin that we have tried to climb for the last two years (when we came along), but it got rained out?
    How did you get back down? I would think it would be scary climbing down!!!!

  4. sonja Said,

    April 26, 2004 @ 5:52 am

    or tick-tacks work too. =)8 I’ll try to come up with some more usufull advice soon. Its been a while since I’ve been on a plane, and the memory’s not what it used to be… *sigh* hehe.

  5. Hannah Said,

    April 26, 2004 @ 9:16 am

    Yup, Krissy, that’s the one! Oh, it wasn’t hard getting down, just climbed the same way we went up. Oh by the way, if your parents want to come on Chocorua they can, but they can’t sleep over. :P

  6. Krissy Said,

    May 1, 2004 @ 9:47 am

    Wow, really? I think dad has a concert, but mom would probably LOVE to come! I will ask! ;)
    So, I think that last sentence implies that we are?! ;)

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