this is so frustrating!
I auditioned for The Children’s Theatre of Maine yesterday, and I wasn’t supposed to find out if I made it or not for ten days at least.
I just got a call back. They want me to audition again, sing, dance, and read a script. Thursday at six.
I am in Tom Sawyer at about seven thirty that night!
This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time i auditioned, i got a call back, but we couldn’t do it because the plays were on sunday mornings.
This time, I may not be able to do it because of a play! i can’t do a play because of a play!
…and plus, I can’t dance for beans.
Please pray that somehow I will be able to go to this call back! And also, PLEASE pray that somehow I will suddenly become coordinated enough to dance! ugh, i hate the idea, but I want to act with ctm so badly!

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