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The great adventures of ArwebNiesKit.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kit. She was really great. And she had these great friends named Nie and Arwen. One day, Nie and Arwen decided to go visit Kit. So they hopped on a couple of planes and flew to Ohio. There they had all kinds of wonderful adventures.

The end.

No really, I’m extremely happy right now. I’m in Ohio with Kit and Arwen- Arwen who made the website AU that I went on for so many years, and Kit who I worked with there- and we’re just having such a nice time. I talk to Kit almost every day online, and Arwen and I aren’t in quite as constant touch but are still friends. And the three of us get on so well.

Yesterday I came in to Cleveland and Kit’s brother Kyle, his friend, and the two girls picked me up. We drove around a bit and ate at #1Pho- Vietnamese food apparently. Kit is Vietnamese. Her brother is too, incidentally. So are her parents.
I had Pho. It was good. Even on my weird and uncooperative stomach. We also tried bubble tea.
Then we came home and took pictures and sat in the garden, and then gave each other presents. Kit had made a massive scrapbook for Arwen with help from the AU members, and that was really neat. Arwen had been in Israel, and brought Kit and I each a pretty bag. And Kit gave me about a zillion CDs she’d made for me, and a really, really pretty hairstick. I gave each of them homemade salve and oil.

And then we curled up and ate honeydew melon and watched the first half of A Very Potter Musical. Which is hilarious, beeteedubs. And then went to bed, at about 12:30. I woke up, of course, at 7:30 or so and tried not wake the girls up. It is now 10:45 and Arwen is in the shower. And we are going to get food. And I’m going to make chai, because I can’t drink coffee right now. *tear*

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