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Salvation Army

Yesterday afternoon I came across the greatest pair of grunge revival boots ever. I’ve been kind of wanting a pair for a while but would never consider getting them anywhere but the Salvation Army. I mean…they’re grunge boots. Spending money for them would kind of defeat the purpose.
But anyway. They’re fun.
We were actually looking for costumes for a murder mystery dinner at the South Portland First Baptist church…which turned out to be a wildly successful venture. Jordan was to be Robin Hood, and immediately I discovered a pair of knee-high, lace-up suede boots that had merry men written all over them. Also a matching leather vest. Than, who was assigned Huck Finn, came away with the biggest pair of G-Unit overalls you’ve ever seen. [Technically they were Carhartt, but all he needed was an oversized Ecko shirt and some vans and he'd be the biggest G this side of Boston.] Also a chambray shirt which we rubbed with dirt and a big straw hat. We also smeared dirt on his face.
I didn’t buy anything for my costume there, but I did find a Gunne Sax knock-off that I’ve since fallen in love with. It’s clearly some other brand trying to look like GS- but the neat bit is that they’re copying the early Gunnies, the black label stuff from the early sixties that’s so hard to find. It’s very renaissance.

I started listing stuff in my Etsy shop tonight. I’m going to wait till I’ve got lots of items written up before I actually post any- I’m hoping a full shop will look better. And now I’d better go to sleep. I have to do chart prep tomorrow.

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